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COVID19 Antibody Test

Antibody Testing for Covid-19

Staunton Primary Care is now offering Antibody Testing for Covid-19.

What is an antibody test?

Antibody blood tests check your blood by looking for antibodies, which show if you had a previous infection with Covid-19.

The test is for people who either have had a positive test for Covid-19 and have recovered; or who think they were exposed to Covid-19 and no longer have symptoms.

What does the testing mean?

To clarify, antibodies take anywhere from about a week to 14 days to develop, and the levels of antibodies vary based on time since exposure and a person’s immune system.

  • A positive antibody test means you had the virus in the past, and that your body has antibodies. Unfortunately, we don’t know how long the antibodies last. It does, however, mean you may be eligible to donate plasma. This can possibly help patients suffering from Covid-19 by allowing them to “borrow” your antibodies to help them recover.
  • A negative test means that antibodies were not detected in your system. This means either you have never been infected, your infection was recent (in the last 14 days), or you may have had the infection but your immune system did not produce antibodies.

So, does this mean I have Covid-19?

An antibody test is not the same as a diagnostic test for Covid-19, so, it will not diagnose whether you currently have it.

Well, does this mean I’m immune to Covid-19?

It’s important to note, the antibody test does not test for immunity to Covid-19. So, there is currently no test yet that indicates immunity. It is simply too early to know if the presence of antibodies indicates immunity.

Also, if you test positive for antibodies, continue to practice social distancing and proper general hygiene. Wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, socially distance yourself and clean your home often.

What if I have Covid-19 now?

More importantly, if you think you currently have Covid-19, or have symptoms like coughing, fever, loss of taste or smell, or difficulty breathing, you should not get an antibody test. Contact our office for advice if you have current COVID-19 symptoms. Again, the antibody test is not a diagnostic test for Covid-19.

How can I be tested?

The antibody test is a blood test that is performed in-person at an outpatient lab or in our office. Results take 24-72 hours to come back. The pricing for the testing is $100. We do not bill insurance for this test. Please call, text, or book your consultation Here online.