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Patients Love Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Since arriving on the healthcare scene in the mid-2000s, direct primary care has grown in popularity. As health insurance gets more confusing, expensive, and frustrating, new models of care are rising. Patients without health insurance, or those fed up with premiums, are turning to direct primary care (DPC) as an option to afford basic medical care

Under the DPC model, patients pay a monthly membership fee rather than paying per visit. Providers are also able to spend more time with fewer patients in a day as a DPC, given that their income is based on the monthly fee and not on the number of patients they see.

Our patients have a number of reasons as to why they love the DPC model.

Less expensive

With a traditional insurance, a patient leaves the office without knowing how much they’ll have to pay. After deductibles or copays are applied, weeks later the patient receives a bill.

Direct primary care eliminates that confusion. Patients pay a monthly fee instead of paying a copay or full fee at each visit. Insurance copays can add up when a patient has multiple visits within a month’s time. With a DPC, there is only one payment per month, and it’s less than the price of a gym membership!

More convenient

Direct primary care patients have access to same-day or next-day visits, 30 to 60-minute appointments, and the option to call, email, text, or video chat with a provider 24/7. In traditional health insurance plans, many providers don’t offer this because it’s difficult to bill for phone or video visits.

More effective

In a DPC model, patients become more engaged in their own healthcare. The primary care provider is not just there to send patients to other providers, but is able to offer more “coordinated and continuous” care, an aspect particularly important to patients with chronic or complex illnesses.

More personal

Primary care providers who operate under the DPC model see fewer patients per day and so are able to spend much more time with each patient. Their patient engagement increases, as does the patient’s satisfaction with the level of care received.

DPC will benefit your life, wallet and schedule

Healthcare doesn’t have to be confusing, costly, and difficult to navigate. Staunton Primary Care will help you save money and get the care you need when you need it.