Frequently Asked Questions

We know we do things a little differently. Here are some common questions about our practice.

How can this work?

By decreasing overhead, I work in an ideal practice model. No billing department and a small staff means it’s much less expensive to run the office. This means I can charge you less and see fewer patients and spend more time with you!

Do you take insurance?

Direct Primary Care offices do not bill insurance companies. I do, however, accept patients with most insurances. I also accept patients without insurance. Payments, as well as decisions about your health care are between you and me. I would be considered an “out of network provider” by your insurance.

Should I still keep my insurance?

YES! You need insurance for big things like cancer, heart attacks, strokes, true emergencies, as well as to comply with the ACA and not get fined for not having insurance. In joining a DPC practice people may find that they can actually save money by buying a low premium, high deductible plan.

Why should I join if I already have insurance?

Just because someone has insurance doesn’t mean that the visits are completely covered. Each copay and office visit can really add up. With just three to four visits a year and additional lab savings, you may have already paid the price of a yearly membership if you have a high deductible plan. Who doesn't want to save money? Also, I am able to provide longer visits and more personal service due to keeping my overhead low. To have 30-60 minute visits in a regular primary care office is almost unheard of – in direct primary care this is common. With extended visits and a smaller patient panel I can get to know you better and provide better care.

What happens if I need to be admitted to the hospital?

Like most primary care providers in our area, I do outpatient work only. As such, your inpatient care would be given by hospitalists and I would resume your care upon discharge.

What about medications, tests and referrals?

You can use your insurance for outside testing, specialty visits and medications bought at outside pharmacies. Typically insurances cover things ordered by an “out of network” provider, but not always. Your medications could also be purchased through me at almost wholesale prices. Refills are done at appointments only. Labs drawn in office include 50%-90% discount.

Can I contact you after hours?

Yes, please call me at any time for urgent matters. For routine matters, please contact me during the day. One of my goals is to keep you out of the ER. BUT, if it is a true emergency, please call 911 and have the ER contact me when you are seen.

What if I change my mind?

You may choose to stop your membership at any time, there is a 30 day cancellation notice required though. If you choose to rejoin in the future, you will pay a re-enrollment fee. If the practice is full, you will be placed on a waiting list for new patients.

What if you are on vacation?

I will arrange to have another provider cover my practice while I am away. Unless it is an emergency, I will do my best to notify you in advance so you can schedule a visit if you need to before I leave.

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