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IV hydration benefits discussed by Staunton Primary Care Cincinnati

The Many Benefits of IV Hydration.

The body needs a half a gallon of water every day. Unfortunately, most of us fall short at achieving this goal. As a result, most people in the U.S. are chronically dehydrated. IV hydration therapy is an easy way to ensure you are getting enough fluids to keep you hydrated and operating at optimum health. The treatments deliver fluids, vitamins and other nutritional supplements directly and safely into your bloodstream.


Whether you failed to drink enough water or drank too much alcohol, there are times when you need to rehydrate fast. If you don’t, the effects of dehydration (vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, extreme fatigue, etc.) can make you feel awful.

Also, dehydration is linked to a lack of key nutrients. While oral vitamins help, they take time to be digested. But IV hydration delivers fast and effective results — making you feel better quickly. This could be crucial if you’re facing a busy week at work or home.


Your metabolism is how fast food is turned into energy. This is sped up with proper hydration and the right break down of nutrients delivered via IV hydration. If you boost your metabolism, losing weight from exercise and healthy eating is easier.

There are many metabolism-boosting nutrients delivered via IV. For example, B vitamins convert food into fuel. Carnitine turns carbs into energy. And taurine is needed for the break down of body fat.


If you’ve ever struggled to concentrate on your work, a book or a movie, there’s a chance that dehydration was to blame. According to CBS, up to 75 percent of Americans can be suffering from chronic dehydration at any one time — so you’re certainly not alone.

If concentration and brain function are vital, you need to rehydrate as quickly as possible (which is why a number of companies are offering IV hydration services).


The kidneys and the liver need to be hydrated in order to “flush out” unwanted substances. If you’re not properly hydrated, your kidneys struggle to filter, leaving your with dangerous levels of toxins. Also, your digestive tract can’t operate if it’s being deprived of the water it needs, potentially leaving you constipated.

So, if you’re feeling the effects of a buildup, fast action is needed; IV hydration is much faster than simply drinking lots of water.


How well you’re hydrated plays a role in how well your joints are lubricated. If there’s a lack of lubrication in your hips, knees and ankles, they can become sore and stiff very quickly. Particularly if you’re over 65 or have pre-existing joint problems, being hydrated at all times is important. IV hydration treatment can help.

Now if you’ve read this far, I assume you’re suffering from some issues yourself and are interested in testing out IV therapy to see how it will work. So I have some questions for you…

How are you feeling? Do you need a boost? Would you like us to test and see how well your digestive tract is performing and exactly what nutrients are deficient?

We can help! Just click here to book your first appointment now and discover how IV nutrient therapy can help you recover your health virtually overnight.