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Direct Primary Care and Small Businesses

Small Businesses and Direct Primary Care in Cincinnati, Ohio

Few small businesses are able to use their health benefit packages to attract employees. Learn how direct primary care can make a difference.

Unfortunately, for most businesses, the second largest expense behind payroll is their employees health benefits.

Also, for most businesses, this cost increases every year.  The average increase is about 9% per year.

However, small businesses have a way to save on cost while still giving their employees access to quality medical care. Direct Primary Care (DPC) estimated employer savings are typically around $250 per employee per month for healthcare expenses.

More importantly, DPC practices like Staunton Primary Care, can work with your employees to make sure they are improving their overall health and help prevent expensive medical problems.

In fact, our patients have unlimited direct access through phone, email, text, and the patient portal. This means less time away from work.

Furthermore, we can usually schedule same or next day and after-hours visits can be available if needed.

Studies have shown that DPC patients have 59 percent fewer ER visits, spend 30 percent fewer days admitted to the hospital, are referred to specialists 62 percent less often, have 65 percent fewer imaging, and 80 percent fewer surgeries.

Even more, the benefits to the company are real and tangible:

  • A happier, healthier workforce- studies show that practices that spend more time with patients have better outcomes.
  • Minor injuries like lacerations and back strains can be fixed quickly without claims and the worker can get back on the job faster.
  • Reduced claims- save on worker’s comp costs/premiums.
  • Family coverage- add spouses and children at discounted rates.

This means not only are employees healthier, employers get to save money. 

As fellow small business owners we understand the fine balance of taking care of your employees while maintaining a healthy budget.

We, at Staunton Primary Care, would be happy to schedule a time to come meet you or show you around the practice if you would like more information.

Contact us to discuss how we can help.