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Staunton Primary Care Cincinnati discussed Telehealth

Goodbye, Waiting Rooms: Hello Telehealth

Telehealth is an innovative convenience that connects providers to patients, and it’s expanding more now than ever.

If you’re new to telehealth, you might feel confused about how to get started. Thankfully, online health care has become so widespread and readily available that anyone can benefit from the convenience. 

Telehealth Benefits

Telehealth uses technology to deliver health care to people outside of traditional medical settings. For example, there’s a scarcity of clinics and specialists in remote areas. 

As a result, patients are forced to drive long distances for visits, presenting roadblocks for patients who don’t have transportation. In addition, many offices have limited hours and are overbooked with patients. Online health care removes these roadblocks and helps patients receive the care they need. 

Online Expectations

The first step is to book an appointment online. You will register an account and complete a brief history form. Payment is typically due at time of service.

Before your visit, think about what you hope to accomplish during your appointment. Prioritize the most important matters during your call because time might be limited. Write down what you’d like to discuss before the appointment. However, don’t expect an antibiotic because your mucus is green or because you want to “nip it in the bud”. Be ready to answer these questions:

  • What initiated this appointment today?
  • What symptoms do you have? How long have you been having them? Have they changed or worsened over time?
  • What have you done to treat your symptoms thus far? What have been your results from these attempts?
  • Have you ever experienced these symptoms before? What treatments did you use then and what were the results? 

How it works

You’ll talk with the provider via video chat or a telephone call. Make sure distractions are taken care of before your visit. 

During the call, the provider will review your medical conditions, history, and medications. The provider will determine if you need an actual prescription.

If your condition needs medication, the provider will send your prescription to a pharmacy of your choice. That’s it!

Say goodbye to crowded waiting rooms and start receiving your care online. Staunton Primary Cares‘ Telehealth services offers many conveniences and helps people stay up-to-date with their health.