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What is Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is healthcare as it should be without the red tape of insurance companies.

DPC is a simple healthcare business model that removes insurance companies from basic primary care. Patients pay a monthly fee in exchange for unrestricted access to their provider for primary care services. They have access to their provider in person, on the phone, text, video, email and sometimes house calls. Monthly membership fees include physicals, chronic disease management, wellness education, urgent care, and coordinating with specialists when needed. Direct primary care also offers patients access to medications, lab work, and some imaging at discounts between 75-90%

The traditional fee for service model of healthcare has left many providers overwhelmed and unable to spend quality time with their patients due to the number of patients the provider must see everyday in order to keep their doors open. This way of business has also left many patients frustrated and confused. With so many other patients, wait times are often long and visits with the provider are short. Then when the insurance denies a procedure or medication the provider recommends- patients are the one’s not receiving the care they deserve.

DPC is having a provider on retainer, but at an affordable price.

With Direct Primary Care, the provider can focus on you and your health and not what the insurance company will approve or deny. Under the DPC model, there’s no rush to patient visits. The provider and patient can take their time to thoroughly develop a trust relationship. It is estimated that providers in a traditional practice can spend up to half of their day engaged in non-patient administrative tasks.

Direct Primary Care providers have the ability to provide better quality healthcare for patients because we remove the bureaucracy dealing with the health insurance company. Patients with greater access to personalized healthcare are happier with their experiences and can experience better outcomes.

Providers went to school in order to help people and the DPC model brings providers back to doing what they love- patient care.

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